Friday, August 29, 2014

Budget (and healthy) eats: That vegetarian restaurant in Dalat, Vietnam

I am travelling with a vegetarian, and lucky enough, there was a vegetarian restaurant just right next to our booked acccomodation.

I have been meeting a lot of travellers who had turned into vegetarian diet, and I have been considering it as well; Yet, I did not know how to deal with my meat cravings, plus, I am not too open with having only a few choices when dining.

Nonetheless, this vegetarian restaurant was more than about chewing greens and pitifully munching on steamed mushy carrots or potatoes. Apart from those dishes that clearly look like all vegetablles, they have some dishes that looks quite like beef, pork, and chicken. They confirmed that it is actually vegetables, though you say pork/beef/chicken when you order it.

At this restaurant, you can choose 4 different dishes on top of rice, plus 1 of 4-6 kinds of soup; All these for just 25,000.

On each table, you'd also find a really nice unflavored (though not as sour, butt a litttle sweet) yoghurt for just 6,000 dong. 

It seems the yoghurt is made by the restaurant beside it (and the same eexact yoghurt is sold on that restaurant for 10,000 dong; In fact, this restaurant allows diners from the vegetarian restaurant, but if you eat and order your drinks there, they'd charge you 10,000 for the yoghurt; So, just keep dining from the Vegetarian Restaurant).

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