Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Me Linh Coffee Garden in da Lat

Coffee has been one of the reason for me liking and keep coming back to Vietnam;  it's accessibility, and cheap price; It's available in probably every 250 meters in town, and can go as cheap as 6,000 dong a serve ($0.28) in Saigon.

On our way back to Pongour waterfall, we spotted a serene lake and a coffee shop with its view. I've asked my travel pals to spare me at least 15mins to have a sip.

The shop looks quite simple from the outside, and as we walked it, I am delighted to see the various handicrafts sold at it; And, more than the handicraft and a regular cup of vietnamese coffee as I thought, they actually sell various kinds of coffee from the regular kind up to what would cost 60,000 dong a cup (6 times at least the price of a regular coffee in town).

After placing the order, you sit in their lounge, or the veranda with a view of the lake, and their coffee plantation.

I confirmed with my pals if we're staying 15mins indeed, and was glad to be told, "probably a bit more."

Me Linh coffee garden makes a good stop for the 50km distance from Town Centre to Pongour waterfall, and silk factory.

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