Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 of my favorite Tricycle Designs in the Philippines

After two months travelling overseas, I think I must be missing Philippines; The odds of travelling rugged paths; From taking a plane/bus to the province, then to a jeep to the town, and most probably, a tricycle to the actual destination.

Especially in the provinces, the tricycle has been my most reliable resort: whether missing the last trip, muddy, deserted, unpaved terrain, short or long distance, it gets me there.

In Metro and most areas in Luzon, we have a common, regular design for the passenger sidecar but farther away, there is more to just moving the passengers. 

I collected a picture of every province's tricycle design, and below are the best I've seen.

1. Mindoro, Lubang Island. Only found in this part of the Philippines, I've never seen anywhere a tricycle with the casing of a jeepney. Lowball though for this design I think is that the casing tend to be very heavy hence slowing down the speed and pulling so much energy. It carries up to 6 passengers though.

2. Maguindanao, Datu Saudi Ampatuan. While anyone may recall this town as the site of the globally publicized media killing, the Pink government buildings and this hip (with real loud high wattage speakers) will calm you a bit when you get to this town. Real Funky and Cool.

Tricycle in Tugguegarao, Cagayan Valley (north), Philippines

3. Batanes, Sabtang Island. With a roofing that's quite a signature to Batanes, these motorbikes normally service tourists (and occasionally locals who don't have or know anyone with motorbike) in this island town. It's pricey to get services from these though compared to the rest of the country, as Batanes is so far off from mainland.

4. BukidnonMisamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro), Compostella Valley, Camiguin, and Cagayan. Emulating the design of the jeepney, these motorbikes has elongated body to fit more passengers into the ride, for cheaper (sharing) fare

Tricycle in Cagayan De oro, Philippines

Tricycle in Bukidnon

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Tricycle in Camuigin

5. Zamboanga Del Sur, PagadianWith the province being hill-ish, the reclined seating is supposed to make it easier for tackling the slopes of the terrain. Fits up to 6 passengers too on sharing basis.

6. Palawan (Puerto Princesa)BasilanSuluTawi Tawi, & Davao Oriental (Mati)The casing may be a bit bulky, but it certainly makes it look more lavish; and shows how well we value and give regard to how little we may have :-)

Tricycle in Isabbela, Basilan, Philippines
Tricycle in Jolo, Sulu
Tricycle in Bongao, Tawi tawi
Tricycle in Davao del Sur

Tricycle in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

7. Camarines Norte (Daet), & Masbate (San Pascual, Burias). The designs may be quite basic and like the regular 3 seater tricycle, but this one has extensions for 3 additional passengers. Seating gives you a choice of which view you'd like, front, side, or back.

Tricycle in Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines

8. Bohol. Just like the tricycles from no 6, this Bohol tricycle has a unique geometric casing that serves no more than to add color and detail to this transport. Unlike those in 6 though, this don't have provision for additional passenger seating.

9. Capiz This seemingly regular tricycle can fit, not only three, but can fit up to 8; 3 inside, 2 behind the driver, 2 at the rear, and 1 more atop the welded metal provision atop the 3rd (side )wheel.

10.  Compostela Valley (Monkayo). This bike may not have the third wheel to technically call it a tricycle, but it does far more than the other ones. It carries up to 8 passengers, where, when one gets off, the passengers will have to be re-seated to balance the weight distribution on both sides of the bike. 

will add the pictures from the other provinces sooon :-) Once I complete my compilation 

update 2016:
Now look at these fast&furious tricycles from Ilo-ilo currently being marketed (2016) in Ilo-Ilo
(disclaimer: photos taken from the seller in facebook. I did not intentionally miss the details, I just forgot to take note. Nevertheless, there is a watermark for Abella Transport Manufacturing Industries so I think that's them)


  1. Great collection of tricycles of the Philippine! Read more about tricycles at http://timotraveling.blogspot.com/2012/07/riding-in-tricycles-trikes-in.html

  2. Hi Ian, nice collection you have! It seems like you make sure anywhere you go, you don't want to miss any detail of your trip (that includes the tricycles, of course). :)


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