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Day 39-43 (June 01-05, 2014) of the #LimbonisASIA trip: Gili Meno, Lombok, Indonesia and My first volunteering work

I'm finally leaving Gili Trawangan after 4nights and 5days, and while the folks are going back to Lombok, and the other to Bali, I decided to check out Gili Meno. I'm just close and I don't want to regret soon not having seen Meno and come back because I may have missed something.

Had to wake up real early as there are only 2 trips to the other islands (public ferry); One at 9:30 and the other at 4pm. I wanted the earlier one as I don't have any reservation there; Besides, there's pretty much nothing more to do in Trawangan, and I don't want to rot between the check out time and the departure time of the boat.

The trip took only 10mins, and as soon as I arrived, I looked for Bird Park Resort, which internet says, has backpacker dorm for 40,000 per night.

It was easy to find it, as it was just a straight 250m walk inland from the harbor. When I asked for the dorm, I was told there are 2 currently occupants in the dorm, one boy and one girl, and the supervisor did not want to accept anyone more (I don't get it; it's not even that they paid for all the beds). Anyway, the next available room they have is a 150K/night room, which is no way i'm taking.

I walked further to the island, looking for cheaper accomodation; In fact, the plan then was either to camp, using my hammock, or if not, worst case, take the afternoon trip to Gili Air, where I can probably check at 7seas cottage which has backpacker dorm (and pool) for 70K.

As I was walking, I chanced upon a hostel that seems under construction. I realized, it may be the one I browsed thru from Too good, I took a screenshot of the listing, and there was a mobile number in the information. I called the number, and Michelle, the owner, asked me to come by.

posting on HelpX for volunteer work in the guesthouse

Michelle welcomed me in the team, and did my orientation. It was time for lunch, and we all walked into their usual Warung (local restaurant). Then, a little nap, and was ready to hit the hammer and machine saw. 

my free accomodation and my hammock pitched right next in Gili Meno

campsite in Gili Meno Eco Hostel

Campsite in Gili Meno Eco Hostel

So, today, in;-stead of the planned 2nights, it seems i'll be staying for 1 whole week. 

The priority at work is to finish the beams and posts so the bar can be ready for roofing by the local guys. We used some hard wood (manually peeled off its bark) which was heavier than i ever carried.

Meantime, I was allowed to played around the bamboo and somehow managed to organize the kitchen a bit. As a permanent bummer of our home kitchen back when I was still a home buddy, the kitchen was an interesting project for me.

Using bamboos, saw, some nails, chisels, ruler and string, I made cup and plate holders, spoon, fork and turner holders, and an extension of the table to allow the electric cookers to sit next to the utensils.

this was how the "sink" looked like (almost) before I began working (-minus the cupholder).

This is what i've done

and a plastic bag organizer

Ian Limbonis working on the extension for the sink

the trash organizer :-). With provision for Biodegradable, Recyclable, and Non Biodegradable

I also made a placement case for the bins as I did not want them nowhere close to the cooking and cleaning area.

I made an organizer for used plastic bags too so they don't just stick anywhere, and be flown too by the strong wind.

I enjoyed the time quite a lot. In fact, i'd sometimes be working beyond the requested hours, just because i'm having a good time with what I can create out of the scrap bamboos.

some kids I spotted enjoying my hammock

Looking forward to going back, especially on the finishing ;-)

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee here for detailed expenses and more info

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