Monday, June 23, 2014

Budget Backpacker Accomodation: Where I stayed in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

We were met up by Eiki from the port, who offered us 130,000 Rupiah per night for a room for 2 inclusive of breakfast, and with my share of 65,000 in the double room, we all agreed on the price.

The rooms in this guesthouse in Lombok, Indonesia (Indonesien) tend to be warm at daylight since they're concrete, and are in the village, so the wind doesn't really get in.

The water in the faucet tend to be salty, but I think this is generally the case within the island. (Gili Trawangan has the saltiest running water since it is the farthest from the mainland Lombok).

Towel is available in the room. As for Wifi, we were told there is wifi, but it doesn't seem to be connected to the world wide web. Eiki said it was a network problem, but it has not connected even once in the whole 5days stay. They're only using the hotspot function on the phone, so I don't think it can really handle it or so..

Meantime, when Eiki mentioned about the breakfast and coffee, I asked if coffee is unlimited whole day, and he agreed. He also mentioned we can cook, so that saved me a lot of money (Cheapest food in the local warungs is 15,000 rupiah for nasi goring).

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Contact Eki (Pondok Hadi) 0878 64091919 or Kindly say referred by Ian ( the Filipino).

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee here for detailed expenses and more info

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