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How to Stay in Gili Trawangan for less than 85,000 (<$8) per day

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How to Stay in Gili Trawangan for less than 85,000 (<$8) per day

I've met a number of backpackers who has been and are strongly suggesting Gili Islands among top picks for Indonesia, and was told too about the parties and expenses in Trawangan, and the more laid back Gili Meno.

When I was looking for possible accomodation for Gili's, it was only in Gili Meno and Gili air that I've found dorm accomodation and not in Gili Trawangan. Luckily, I was with a few people who'd go with me to Gili (and consensus was Trawangan) so it was ok.

We did not book, nor look for an accomodation prior to our arrival, but just relied on looking out once we get there.

Right at the port, we were met by people offering rooms, and we settled on a 130K IDR/night double (65K each).

This homestay also allows guests to cook, so instead of going out to the local restaurants for 15k per nasi or mee goreng, I bought noodles instead from the local minimarts (2500 each) and cooked it right in the kitchen. 

If you prefer rice, to make it more filling, and have a variety from the noodle, you can buy rice from the minimarts for 10,000/kilo. 

Upon our arrival I also asked if we can have unlimited coffee, which they did not refuse.

Almost, if not, all homestays offer free breakfast (normally banana or pineapple pancake, or toast, or scrambled egg or omellet) along with coffee, tea, or juice.

Since the homestay offers unlimited coffee, you can have fresh juice along with your chosen breakfast, and you can just make your coffee afterwards. :-) 

Then, 2nd day to my last, I found a minimart that allows water refill for 3000IDR per regular bottle of 1.5L. It would have been 5000 on the minimarts if you buy the sealed and bottled one. But for 2 bottles a day, that saves 4,000IDR/day from your budget already.

The guesthouse offered wifi, but as the owner said, it seemed that there's a problem with the network (for the 5days that we stayed there; They're using rather a hotspot from the phone, and i assumed it is either the billing or the phone that's problematic). What i did was go with friends when they hang out, and get the wifi password. Everytime i needed internet, I hang out on the beach close to the hotspot.

Internet cafe's in the island cost about 300IDR per minute, and an hour would cost about 18,000IDR which may be a lot.

Other option is to order tea/water instead for about 5,000-10,000 and hang out as long as possible. Just make sure though ahead that wifi's working, cause most of the wifi in the island, since relying only on 3g connection, and phone hotspot instead of routers, may not be working at times.

Meantime, I noticed a dorm offering just close to our homestay (Pondok Hadi) Just didnt find time to ask for price.

There was also a room towards Egoiste Restaurant that offered 80,000IDR per night, with free water refills.

In case you cannot resist drinking beer, you may buy your beer from the mart, and bring it along. most of the bars are on the beach and wouldn't notice you bringing a beer (especially if you walk on the beach side).

see here for an outlook of the 3 Gilis

Contact Eki (Pondok Hadi) 0878 64091919 or Kindly say referred by Ian ( the Filipino).

Travelling Philippines? Follow CheapBedsPH on Instagram for geotagged backpacker accomodation for easier searches

update May 2016.
as of last visit last May, along the beachside, there don't seem to be anymore place to eat below 20K rupiah. The only place to get it close to less than this is inner to the island on some waroengs.

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