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The Beaches of Lombok, Indonesia

The Beaches of LombokIndonesia

Team Rinjani in Lombok Airport in Indonesia

My itinerary for Lombok was basically to climb Mt Rinjani, and heard a few too about the Gili islands from some backpackers I met back in Thailand, but never did I really hear much exactly about the beaches around (mainland) lombok.

After our descend from Mt Rinjani, Lombok the plan was to head to the Gili islands, Lombok but there wasn't enough time to do it. Plus the port is a little far off from the airport, so they'll have to risk missing their flight if we go ahead.

Then again, we asked around for what could be a good beach to spend the night and morning and that which is close to the airport. We passed by Senggigi on our way to the mountain foot, and it doesn't seem as enticing for a night. Instead, We were pointed to Kuta Beach.

Kuta beach (Lombok) seems to be the default destination in the area as this is where all guesthouses piled up. The sand is brown, but it tends to go lighter along with the bluer waters as it approaches noontime. 

Kuta Beach in LombokIndonesia

Kuta Beach in LombokIndonesia

From what i read in the internet about Lombok, Mawun beach seems to be the most published beach for swimmers and snorkellers. Probably because it is a (slightly) enclosed cove so there isn't any current. The long beach has sand that's fine and close to white. There is one huge tree next to the beach where people seem to gather around (for the shade) thus even if the beach is long, people tend to swim in the closest water.

Mawun beach in LombokIndonesia

Mawun beach in LombokIndonesia

Mawun beach in LombokIndonesia

sand in Mawun beach in LombokIndonesia

Further from Mawun, from the highway, there is a detour (left) for another beach called Mawi. And, While there are some who go here to swim, this beach is more for intermediate to pro surfers. It's also long a rough and dirt road from the highway to get to the beach.

Mawi Beach in LombokIndonesia

wave in Mawi beach LombokIndonesia

Limbonis in Mawi beach, LombokIndonesia

Meantime, there are no restaurants in the beach, and only some stores that sell drinks and chips. No accomodation option around. 

Heading straight further from the main highway is Selong Blanak. This is the beach for surfing beginners, though it seems it is not as the ride seems to be short. Nevertheless, Selong Blanak, i think, has the finest sand from all the beaches I've been to In Lombok.

Selong Blanak beach in LombokIndonesia

Selong Blanak beach in LombokIndonesia

sand in Selong Blanak beach in LombokIndonesia

sand in Selong Blanak Beach in LombokIndonesia

There are accomodation options around and some local restaurants to get lunch/dinner. Nasi goreng is sold at 20,000IDR.

There are 2 more beaches further which I've attempted to go to on another day, but the roads to these beaches are incredibly rough and slippery. From the junction in the main highway, it's probably about 5 kilometers rough road going in (and as you approach the beach, the more that the road becomes slippery). I did not make it to this beaches as it was almost 5pm when i got to 500meters close to the beach. I had to consider the time i'll need to get out of the highway, as it doesn't seem safe to be still around the road, and this rough, at dark).

Serangan beach in LombokIndonesia

Road to Torok beach in LombokIndonesia

Seger Beach on the other hand has brown (round grain) sand, with blue waters, yet the water seemed to be a little stirred up (not so clear). There are huts where you can take shade for free. Just like Mawun, there are no restaurants except for some stores for snacks. 

Seger Beach in LombokIndonesia

Seger beach in LombokIndonesia

View from Hill in Seger Beach in LombokIndonesia

sand (or pebbles for that matter) in Seger beach in LombokIndonesia

Tanjung A'an is probably the best one i've seen and i'd say it is best for people who just want to hang out on the beach; The scene is just perfect, and it's that type of beach that i'd just rather stare at the whole day, while sitting in a comfortable bench, and having some drinks on a side table ( or coconut). There are stores on the beach, and further to the right, facing to the beach, there's one restaurant that sells nasi goreng for 25,000IDR (and some other gourmet fish for 50,000). Instead of paying 5,000IDR for parking, you may want to ask for the directions to the restaurant, and park your bike there. Then, just order Teh Panas (Hot Tea) for 5,000. 

Tanjuang Aan beach in LombokIndonesia

Tanjung Aan beach in LombokIndonesia

Tanjung Aan beach in LombokIndonesia

Tanjung Aan beach in LombokIndonesia

Meantime, be wary of your time in the beach. There are a number of stories of tourists being stopped by some locals with machete and being robbed in this beach. The beach is far from the villages, and it's a rough road (and no people) on the way.

There are no admission charges on the beaches, except for parking fees at 50,000IDR per motorbike (10,000IDR for Mawi). Kuta is a long public beach so you can park anywhere.

parking notice in Mawun beach in LombokIndonesia

Motorbike rental is generally 50,000 per day, though you can haggle (as I did) for 40,000 (and also even lower depending on the number of days you will be taking it).

Fuel is cheap at 7,000 per liter, and a little bit more, 8000, as you go on the outskirts.

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee here for detailed expenses and more info

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