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Day 26 (May 20, 2014) of the #limbonisASIA trip: Around PutraJaya

Putrajaya, Malaysia

While waiting for the rest of the gag to arrive from Manila, Izad, a Malaysian traveller I met back in Langkawi volunteered to bring me to Putrajaya, the administrative seat of Malaysia.

He drove about 23 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to get into this independent federal state of Malaysia; Putrajaya happens to be where he work too, being a public servant, so he knows the park well.

As he said, Putrajaya is actually part of the State of Selangor, which, upon granting the request of the government to setup offices in this property, the Malaysian government, in turn, setup a Royal Residence within the park, as a gesture for the consideration made by the Selangor Monarch.

We came across several of the ministerial buildings, including one which surprised me: The Ministry for Magic and Witchcraft. 

Putrajaya, Malaysia

According to Izad, this ministry's task is to watch out against forms of witchcraft that may be existing in the country.

Surprisingly, while the building may be relatively small compared to the rest, I just could imagine how many people are actually working and being occupied over witchcraft in Malaysia. With all places I have been to soo far, never really heard much about Malaysian Legend stories, etc.

Apart from the Ministerial offices, We passed by 2 mosques. One being a traditional one (though said to be airconditioned). The mosque allows non-muslim to enter except that, just like that grand mosque in Brunei, you'll have to be in proper attire or else you may borrow one of the robes they have for visitors (So glad they have this which gives an opportunity for non-muslims to know the religion more).

Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia

The other mosque was rather modern, metallic in construction, and as opposed to the common mosques we see, the pilar is not right in the mosque but about 150 meters away from it, on another soil. :-).

There was the prime minister's office, close to the mosque; The convention center, the high court, etc. There were 2 hanging bridges which are stunners, and a roundabout with each of the flags of the states of Malaysia.

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Flags of States of Malaysia in Putrajaya

bridge in Putrajaya

While most of the tourists I saw in the Park are actually from Coach buses, from arranged tours etc, Izad said there are public buses that ply Putrajaya. 

On the way to Putrajaya, we also came across Cyberjaya which is like the IT park/center where you'll have satellite offices of companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Acer, etc.

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