Sunday, May 4, 2014

Backpacker breakfast in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Out of the countries i'll be visiting for this trip, I'm expecting thailand to be my budget killer. in fact, for 7days, I've spent 150$ already and counting.

I'm having breakfast now at PP Bakery, and i thought this is far filling than the 30+Baht pancakes they sell around.

I brought a tumbler with me, bought a 4baht 3-in-1 coffee (4 Baht) in a nearby supermarket, and bought my 30baht cinnamon bread.

they have breads and donuts ffor 30-50Baht and sandwiches for 80B (though this will be expensive for a backpacking budget).

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee here for detailed expenses and more info

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