Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 8 (May 2, 2014) of the #limbonisASIA trip: Phi Phi Tour

Today was a whole day tour in Ko Phi Phi; We left at 11, making sure that I was at the Tour stall by 10:30. The tour normally cost 550 baht but was given 450 baht instead. I thougth it was worth it as it said it included breakfast and lunch. Considering the prices around, i would probably be spending 80-100 baht for lunch anyway.

Left at exactly 11:00am, along with 17 others. Our first stop was the shark point, but there wasn't really any shark.

After 15minutes (plus perhaps 30 minutes of trying to make the engine work), we moved next to the bamboo island.

Honestly, it was only the monkey beach and the maya bay that I was awaiting for in this trip, but I was impressed at the bamboo beach. The color of the water was more than amazing. The sand at the dock was too fine too, i regret it was made the dock area than the swimming area.

I went with my mask to the snorkelling area, but there wasn't really much to see. 

There was also a camping area, and I could only wish I have a night to spend in the island.

Monkey beach was also very good. The sand was so fine, and water was so calm; Not as blue as what we had in bamboo island for it is surrounded by greens, but the water was so clear.

There were some people, from the other groups, who spent more time in the island, as there are kayaks that guests can use.

Maya bay was also nice except that there's plenty of tourists who hang out there. The water is also very shallow that the boat couldn't dock close at a convenient distance. We had to walk the rocky seabed; We also spotted a baby shark that swam around.

We did some snorkelling too, but water is just too itchy with the jellyfishes. Of all the 3 snorkelling sites we visited, I thought Lo Peh would be the best (and also the itchiest). The water was quite deep such that you have a wider view. We did snorkelling too in the Mosquito island but there wasn't also much to see except for the sea urchins. The water is a little shallow too at about 10feet i think. 

The engine was a little difficult to start, so we had to spend some 15-30 minutes everytime. We didn't have enough time to get into the viking cave.

Here's the total cost of Today:

Tour: 450 baht
2 x 3in1 coffee at a supermarket: 8 baht
Cinnamon Bread at Phi Phi Bakery: 30 baht
Entrance fees: 100 baht
Dinner: 100 baht (80 nonsense green curry + 20 soymilk from a convenience store)
Beer: 70baht

Total Spent for Today: 758Baht

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