Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 17-21 (May 11-15, 2014) of the #limbonisASIA trip: Langkawi

Given what I've read about Langkawi, being a geopark, and with 99 islands, and it's proximity to the beautiful beaches of Southern Thailand, I gave in to the thought of visiting the Island.

Upon arrival, I was surprised at the high rise establishments i've seen when approaching the pier. I was expecting a little laid back island of Malaysia.

Then again, it seemed the island is but a holiday island. Not the type where you meet a lot of locals, and be able to interact with them, hear stories about the island, their living, etc.

Most of the locals you'd find in the island are more of Malaysians working in the island, and not those who are really born there.

The lush green forests and hills would be a feast. You'd see loose monkeys on the way up to the 7 wells.  You may also encounter some monitor lizards crossing the highway (and sadly we found one dead near the police training facility when we drove home to the guesthouse).

As for the beaches, don't expect to have that crystal clear waters as the sand (while powdery and white) is actually soil, and not that powdered corals you see in the other great beaches.

The cenang beach is also an area for a lot of watersports, so if you have enough funds for this, this might be the place for you.

If you're a drinker and smoker, this is also the place for you. Dunhill cigarettes, which you'd normally get at 12.90RM elsewhere in malaysia, would only be 7.10RM here. There are even cheap cigarettes for as low as 1.20RM. And, as for beer, you can spot SKOT from 2.0RM per 333ML Can.

For food, there's plenty to select from in Cenang beach, except that these are normal price restaurants. There's only a few Malaysian local restaurantts. If you're driving elsewhere in the island though, there shall be a lot.

Somehow i still enjoyed my stay in Langkawi. I wouldn't last 5days if not. i would say, indeed, it's that place where you'd just want to escape from something and just rest, walk around, walk, sleep. Not that where you'd have so much to be doing and seeing.

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