Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 16 (May 10, 2014) of the #limbonisASIA trip: Mosquitos, Fever,Paranoia, and Satun Hospital

Today is my 4th day in Krabi, and since arriving in Krabi town, i have not done anything but take some rest in the guesthouse. 

There were some places I was interested in seeing, but i thought i've already spent more time in Krabi than necessary, so decided to skip them.

After 3 days, I'm finally feeling a lot closer to normal, and so i left for the 11am trip to Satun, the last town of Thailand before Malaysia.

 From Satun, I'll take the ferry to Langkawi, where i'll spend some few days.

Research said it would take 4.5 hours from krabi town to reach satun, but actually took us more than 5 hours. The last ferry trip have already left at our arrival in town (4pm Thailand time, or 5pm Malaysia time).

It has been raining the whole time of the bus ride, and i was feeling some chills again in the bus.

When we reached town, I was feeling dizzy again. Worse, i forgot to find a lay over guesthouse for the night. Luckily, there was some nice coffee shop, with wifi, and just while waiting for rain to relax, took time to find one.

I got some messages from my pals back in the hostel in Koh Lanta, and it seems there's 4 of us now having fever; One had to be brought to the hospital, and was found to be positive of dengue. I've gotten a bit scared. The dizziness just came worse. Dengue is such a serious case back home, and have I heard enough of casualties of this disease huh?

I finally got into my room, but my paranoia just won't let go. I took a quick bath, and walked fast to towards the hospital; afraid it would close on me.

I had to wait some 30-45 minutes to get my turn. Asked some things, and then was given the torniquet test... BOOM! Positive.

I went blank for a while. For this trip, this is probably something I did not prepare for; Not really that it did not come to mind, but just that i did not even want to bother - just to stay positive you know. Truth is, i don't want to be spending my money anywhere but on travelling. And, considering the cost of healthcare back home, i was quite fearful that it will cost just as much elsewhere.

I had to wait for another hour to have a talk with the doctor.  Every 5 minutes, an ambulance would come in, and there seems to be only 1 doctor on duty in the ER. When I met her, i could tell she's an intern, with how young she looked, and with all the cheat sheats, calculators, etc she has. Other thing I was afraid about was that we may not be understanding fully each other (though I appreciate how well she's trying hard to explain herself).

I had some blood test, and was called again after 30mins. Luckily, the numbers were still normal, though some categories, like my platelets, are marginal. I'm going back tomorrow, for another CBC test.

The scenario i hated, and so have not prepared myself for.. And too soon for my trip! Dengue: positive! Ouch!

(I realized it was kind of hard to deal with a doctor when there is a communication barrier; both our understanding is essential, apart from some test, and I might as well get to someone who we can talk clearly. I decided to leave for langkawi, and get the check there instead. The 3 other guests who had fever seems to have gone positive too. I showed the CBC result to a doctor friend back in Philippines and advised me to take antibiotics. Thankfully, they seemed to have worked).

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