Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 10 (May 4, 2014) of the #limbonisASIA trip: Around Koh Lanta Noi

I took a motorbike, and as normal as I am, I don't know where to go. I've asked the travellers around the hostel for the interesting places in the island, and they were pointing me to a National Park; I was reminded that there's a 200Baht charge though (and if you're taking the motorbike in,another 200baht) so, while I still haven't decided if I'd like to spend 200baht for that park, I thought about checking out the other island first.. Koh Lanta Noi; As I heard, there's not any tourist there, which makes it very interesting.

Just as soon as I arrived in Koh Lanta Noi, the clouds gone darker. I was thinking whether I should stop somewhere, but since the rain hasn't fallen just yet, I thought about heading all the way to the beach.

Just a quick stop over, and drove further towards Krabi. Along the way, the rain dropped, very heavy in fact, so there was no choice but to stop. Luckily, there was a restaurant very close by - sat and asked for coffee.

Being wrong about their assumpption that I'm thai, they attempted to ask me some questions, which i answered anyway.  Chan, the owner, took his guitar and played some thai songs (and he has a good voice really).

Then, he mentioned that there is a football game that's about to start in 20 mins, and I can go with him if I like; I said yes, and little did I know that he'd actually be selling snacks at the game.

We stopped by his tent that's already setup in the field, and I helped out setup the store; We carried all their stuff from one of the classrooms, and as I could tell that they were mentioning about me to the other vendors in the field, others were asking me to help them out and that they'll have something for me (appreciated, but of course, too early for freeebies).

When we were completelly setup, I sat in the chairs in the field, and watched the game.

I got a little bored during halftime, and It was almost 3pm. I said I'm going to leave for now, but I'll come back. I wanted to check out the rest of the island while I still had sunlight.

Chan was telling me there isn't really anything to see further, but I told myself, that is for me to find out what could be interesting.

Probably 15kilometers away, I was seeing some mountains from the highway. I was asking the locals i'd pass by for how I can get there, and to my understanding, they were saying "drive further" which i did.

Then I saw a sign. Turned towards where it is pointing and found the pathway. There wasn't anyone though (and I was wishing I could find a fisherman).

I drove back to the highway, and drove further.

There was another turn, and took it again. Apparently, visitors who wanted to get to that island are taking the jumpoff from here. There's a concrete port (and this new one is probably why the first one I went to was already abandoned).

It will obviously cost a fortune to tour the island myself, and especially that I am not bringin any money, so decided to leave.

I drove back to the football field; Felt hungry so asked for pancakes (and asked that they let me do it, while they teach me how :-) ).

Chan's sister also offered me some popsicle. The popsicle is actually made of frozen cola (coke, sprite, and fanta flavors). 

After I finished my first, she offered a second, and was asking me which flavor i'd like. Before I even said something, she said something that sounded llike "surprise". I thought she's giving me something of her choice.. just a moment later, I realized she was giving me "SPRITE" after it came out white.

I also tried the chicken salad from the other vendor who's Chan's cousin. The chicken sald, with 2 fillets, some vegetables, and plenty of various sauces, was only 25baht. Never bought anything cheaper as that.

Then, she mentioned that Chan actually wanted me stay in their house for the night. I didn't have any clothes with me though, so said, i'll just be back the next day. 

Chan also said he'll ask his brother to bring me with him in the morning when he collects mushroom in the field.

Here's what I spent for Today:

Motorbike Rental - 200Baht
Brunch: 80baht (grilled chicken + sticky rice)
Fuel: 40 Baht
Barge for Me&Bike: 10Baht
Fuel: 50Baht
Coffee: 10Baht
Pancake: 20Baht
Popsicle: 10Baht
Chicken Salad: 25Baht
Bargee for Me&Bike: 10Baht
Dinner: 70Baht

Total Spent for Today: 525THB

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee here for detailed expenses and more info

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