Monday, August 25, 2014

What's in Kontum?

Most of the people who visit Kontum, just like me, are probably on their way out of vietnam. 

There is not much published about Kontum except for the churches, and the rong houses.

The churches were just walking distance from the hotel where I stayed. The wooden church seemed simple, yet where you get there, it has a striking appeal. It was more than just what I probably saw on pictures.

Other than the wooden church, there are 2 other churches what made me stop for a picture while walking around town.

Having coffee next to the river seemed also interesting. One thing I noticed about Kontum is that coffee stalls are on probably every 200meters.

Kontum is even more laid back though than the other outskirt areas of vietnam i have visited. At around 8 or 9pm, people are ready to leave, and you may not hear a lot on the streets but dogs barking at people making their way home.

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