Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nam Ngun Reservoir

Nam Ngun Reservoir

Apart from staring at the limestone mountains the whole day right outside my dorm room, the only remaining thing i'd like to do in Vang Vieng was to visit the lake we passed by on the bus from Vientianne.

The town is at least 25kms away, and I thought it was fairly manageable with a bicycle.

It was almost noontime when I finished from my brunch in Vang Vieng, and pushed the pedal. It ook me an hour and a half to get to the lake, and the road made me realize that Korean bikes are rather for parks, and thus there has been mountain bikes. The schackles of the bike would also go loose whenever it is downhill.

At some point upon reaching the lake, I spotted a group of people mendling on something, and I thought of checking them out. They were dealing fishes.

The head of the noon sunshine also made it a lot more tiring, and thankfully, I spotted a good place to rest while pinning my eyes onto the lake.

I would have wanted to get a boat to take me around the lake, and have a view of the islands as I see on google maps, but the water is quite swollen.

I drove further, and was looking for some other places to chill, perhaps for lunch, but most of the establishments overlooking the lake were karaoke restaurants which I suppose were open at night. The rain keeps dripping every now and then too, so i thought, i had to get back on the road. 

I wished I rented a motorbike instead, so i could've toured the perimeter of this beautiful lake.

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