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What I did in Pleiku, Vietnam

What I did in Pleiku, Vietnam

Pleiku was not really in my itinerary for Vietnam, but since it was on my way for a visa run to Laos, I thought about dropping for a night, since it will be on my way.

While Sea Lake was all I have in my list, my host knew of the Ban Cau waterfall just close by, and thought it was more interesting, so put it ahead.

Along the way to the waterfalll, we passed by a Rong House;

After the Bang House, as we were running out of fuel, we had to ask around for a store where we can get at least enough to get us to the waterfall and back to the city. Then, just next to the store that we were pointed to, there was a tranquil lake.

I've spotted some signs in the lake, which I asked Huy if it says "NO SWIMMING", and Huy said it actually reads "NO FISHING" (therefore private for fish culture).

I asked Huy if we can approach the caretakers and probably check if they have a raft and play around. We drove into the caretaker's cottage, and was told there's a boat.

We paddled around the lake, and realized we don't really know much about maneuvering. The wind was blowing from everywhere, and the boat keeps going nowhere in the direction we want. It took us probably an hour to get it back from where we took it.

After the lake, we drove through the waterfall. Getting to the waterfall took some time as there are no signs, and had to rely on passers by. The road was also a big challenge so took a lot of time, and had to postpone the visit to the sea lake.


In the evening, after the dinner with Huy's family (and this time including his dad), we met Thang (the actual couchsurfer and cousin of Huy) at a coffee shop. Thang was asking what I was interested in doing, and since I have not done Karaoke for 3 months, and it seems a popular leisure for vietnamese anyway,, we drove onto a KTV (and a proof of the vietnamese interest in Karaoke: Thang had an app on his phone for song numbers in karaoke machines around vietnam).

The following day, we visited the Sea Lake, just on the way to the pick up station for the van to Kontum (the nextt town I will be visiting before heading to Laos).

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