Monday, August 4, 2014

Where to Stay in Kontum, Vietnam

I thought about visiting kontum since it's on the way to Laos. And, as I was expecting to have less of an internet life when I get to laos, so, I thought about doing some staycation (in case there's really nothing to see) in KonTum.

There were only 3 accomodations mentioned in Wikitravel (my trusted travel advisory), and there is none found in or hostelworld or hostelbookers.

When I got to Kontum, There were several hotels I passed by, but since the cheapest recommended accomodation in Kon Tum is close to the Wooden Church (top in the list of to visit), I thought I might as well stay there.. Hong My Hotel.

I was actually losing my patience as I had to walk quite a lot to get to this hotel. It's quite inland into a village, and I have such a heavy backpack. 

Luckily, when I saw the room, indeed, as mentioned in wikitravel, it's a run for its price.

hong my hotel in kontum, vietnam

At the time of my visit, I was told there is no available room at the 120K dong price as mentioned in wikitravel. The available ones were the 150k up. Nevertheless, with airconditioning, etc, it's still a good price. 

Looking at the situation during my stay, I did not feel that the 120K rooms are occupied. I am suspecting it is probably a   their SOP for international guests, for additional comfort, and they probably reserve the 120K for lovers. Besides, I checked in 1pm, and every, or most, room would have been available.

The other hotels I passed by were quoting 200k; There was one guesthouse near Hong My Hotel, which I also checked out, but not as worth as the 150K I paid for the room in Hong My Hotel.

Cable has the english channels too; serve meals upon order; Motorbike rental is a little pricey though compared to those in Ho Chi Minh or Nha Thrang, at 170K dong/day. 

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