Monday, August 11, 2014

Bali: Padang bay, Kuta and Ubud

Bali is Indonesia's celebrated tourist destination, and for such, a visit to Indonesia is probably not complete without a visit in this island.

Then again, Bali is not simply one destination; It's one island with various places that offer themselves a unique kind of visit.

Visitors to Bali must know which part of Bali they are visiting, depending on the type of visit they'd like to do.

After a shortlived 18 days stay in Lombok, Indonesia, I headed next to Bali.

While I did not really intend to visit and stay in Padang, it was the ferry's drop off point from Lombok; And, by the time I arrived in the island of Bali, it would have been late to catch a cheap transport to the other parts; Nevertheless, I had to stay for at least for a night.

There seems to be not so much to see around Padang Bay nonetheless, except if you're diving.

There are accomodation options lined up in the shores of the pier; At the morning of the following day, I at least gone out to see the blue beach but it doesn't seem to be blue enough to be tagged blue beach.

Then, after Padang, I moved into Kuta, Bali. This part is absolutely touristy.. from the malls, to the amusement parks, restaurants, bars, etc. It is a great destination for surfers, but probably not for swimmers, and the likes. 

So, til then, I still couldn't find what people are probably craving for Bali. Then, the following day, I rented a motorbike to check out Ubud.

Even before reaching Ubud proper, you'd come across quiet roads and housings and temples (whether at home, or standalone). 

As you approach Ubud, there comes more and more arts and crafts, from wooden furniture and carvings, glass vases and jars, paintings, etc. It made me understand why Balinese is such a term in the design and architecture plethora.

Then I got to the tourist area, and the more goods sold such as kites, handpainted shirts, souveniers, etc. In search for a good coffee shop, I also incidentally visited one guesthouse that had a garden and pool fronting their rooms, making me regret I don't have a night available to spend there. It would have been one of my great staycations ever.

From the places I've seen around, Ubud is , I'd say, the best, and well recommended. It is a chilled out place, but do not necessarily leave you contained in the resort you checked in, just like a beach on a quiet island. When you're back's probably hurting by the extended hours lying on your bed, or bench, you can resort to do a bit of town loops, to window shop and sparkle your eyes on their craftmanship, if not swipe your cards on the galleries.

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