Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where (NOT TO) Stay in Pleiku, Vietnam

Where (NOT TO) Stay in Pleiku, Vietnam

I was hopelessly looking an accomodation at 10pm, in a town that sleeps between 8 and 9pm in Vietnam; Its not the time to be too picky, especially when your limited by a budget.

The (friendly, and english fluent) receptionist hands me the key, offered the wifi password and free water, and asked me to wait in my room for the hot black coffee I ordered).

I was already negotiating the price for 2 nights since I thought the wifi and free water refill was good enough.

Then I walked into the room; Oopps.. there was no window, and the smell was just perfectly YUCKY! There was TV, bed was nice, and toilet was OK, but I could smell all horrific penetration that had happened in this room before.

I was already thinking of taking out my hammock and sleeping in the floor instead.

I took out my Armani perfume and sprayed every corner and item in the room. Yet, it couldn't neutralize it.

I turned on the shower to the hottest temperature, and let the steam flow into the room (It helped a bit).

Then, Luckily, the thick blanket was smelling OK. I wrapped it to the bed, and somehow I got away with the filthy bed; Otherwise, I would have not touched that bed at all.

Next day, I woke up early to look for another guesthouse, though I ended up doing couchsurfing.

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