Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Waterfall Overload in Pakse ( Paxse), Laos

From the Moon Bar in Pakse, I met Noi who volunteered to take me around town the following day. I have told him of what places i've come for in Pakse, and being a local, and with a motorbike, he has gone to these places before.

In the morning, before I could even decide on whether I'd ask for his help or not, he asked me ahead on what time I will be ready. I told him the time, and showed up in the door earlier than asked.

I was starving, and so before leaving town proper, I asked that we look for some place to eat. All of the local restaurants we passed by didn't have rice ready yet. There was one roadside vendor who sold food on takeway, and I thought we can eat right there anyway.

They were all surprised a foreigner was keen about eatingg right in the roadside.

After the meal, we headed to the first waterfall... Tad Fane. It was a 38kilometer distance, that took us about 45mins to drive. We had to be extra careful on the unpaved road.

The weather was a little hazy, so, unfortunately, even after waiting for about an hour in the resort, we couldn't see the waterfall. Soundwise, the waterfall is really strong, but the fog was just too thick.

Seemingly hopeless, we decided to move to the next waterfall, Tad Gneaung, (Tat Yuang) which is just a few kilometers away.

Noi confirmed it's not the same situation at the Tad Gneaung Waterfall, and there were other travellers I met, and asked about the other waterfalls they've visited, and confirmed to me that the next waterfall is in fact visible.

This next waterfall is just about 8 kilometers away, so we got in very quickly. The current was quite strong, so even if there is a staircase going down the drop, we didn't bother. Besides, with the pressure of the tall drop, the mist will make you totally wet.

From there, we headed to the next waterfall.. Pha Suam Waterfall. This one is a bit off our direction, and we had to turn X kilometers from the highway.

We were feeling a little hungry, so stopped by some fruit stalls along the road.

One thing good about the waterfalls in Pakse is that they were maintained and converted into a resort, with pathways to the viewpoints, for the not so athletic eager beavers.

On the contrary, this may not be so appealing those like me who'd like to see nature at its pristine.

Meantime, after a tiring road trip to the waterfalls, there's always the line up of bistros and bars alongside the mekong river

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