Saturday, September 6, 2014

Suddenly Kuang si waterfall

Suddenly Kuang Si Waterfall

I have been having second thoughts of visiting Kuang Si waterfall because of the cost (40,000 for transpo thru guesthouse, and another 20,000 for admission), and versus its relative appearance based from google images search result.

Meantime, another backpacker (from Chile) named Connie just arrived, and have agreed on getting lunch together; And although I have almost cancelled the idea of visiting the waterfall, Connie was interested in visiting, and I also realized, I haven't been so contented with what I've seen of Luang Prabang, so entertained the idea.

As we walk towards the market to fetch lunch, a tuktuk, carrying 3 passengers passed us, shouting "Waterfall, waterfall." We stopped, and they stopped. 

We asked the tuktuk driver for how much, and he said 30,000 per person (which is what is on wikitravel, and 10,000 less than offered in Guesthouse). We decided to Go.

The waterfall is about 30kms away, but the winding road will require an hour to reach it. 

The waterfall had several tiers, and each of the last tiers are about 10-20meters away. From the last, the fourth will be the main waterfall, and since it has been raining continously for several days, there was just more than enough drop for astonishment.

I must admit, I thought it wasn't worth it (considering what I spend in my home country to get to great waterfalls), looking at the pictures, but with the season and how it looked at the time of our visit, it was just completely worth it.

From the main waterfall, there are trekking trails to the other parts; The immediate one after the main one is as picturesque with a set of staircase over a continuous current.

It became more and more slippery as we went up. There were others who preferred not to push to the top as they were on rubber flops, and the trail was next to a cliff.

At the very top is a flat river, with a hut, that would have been great for camping. There seems to be another trail too leading to some other village.

Other than the falls, this park have asianic bears in captive. Best to come in shoes/slippers with traction, in case it rains and gets muddy. There are several restaurants around too for those who'd starve at a longer stay in the park.

Interesting enough, we spotted some iguana too on our way to the top. There's just immense biodiversity everywhere in Laos.

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  1. I have really appreciated your effort. Your blog is surprise for me. I’m a tourist and like to visit different places around the world. I never visit the Suddenly Kuang fall before but after reading your blog I want to go there after complete my two day trips from nyc with my friends. You shared images are useful for me to find this fall. I can easily go there and enjoy the natural beauty.


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