Thursday, September 4, 2014

Backpacker Accomodation: Where I stayed in Vientianne

I made a reservation 2 days ahead, and happy to have been received by their volunteer staff who orients guests with regards to their facilities upon check in.

I don't really care much on my accomodation, but glad that I arrived in an airconditioned dorm, with comfy bed, pillows, and blankets.

I was also hapy to know that there's a breakfast included in the $5 rate; And the breakfast is not just for the sake of sayingg there's a breakfast..

The lowdowns though are the toilets. There's 2 showers and 2 toilets which don't seem like being maintained properly. One shower was leaking but don't seem be to bothered.

It was also a monsoon season, so at my first night, rain was pouring the whole tiime. At around 2 in the monring, the staff had to run back and forth our room and turn on the lights, as it was already flooding outside and the water is about to get in. Worse, the makeshift lockers are rather enclosures to the spare space below the lower bunk of the beds. And, as soon as water comes in, it'll surely wet your stuff.

Lastly, there was a post about requesting for movie download; There was one Korean movie i've been wanting to see, and asked one of their staff one morning if its ok to download the movie. The staff led me to the movie room to do it. I downloaded it and left it running for watching at the night.

When i came back, the movie isn't there, and I suppose it has been interrupted. i checked the connection, and laptop is not connected. Not knowing that they actually dont allow download since it messes the connection, I tried to connect the laptop. An old guy, i suppose the owner, suddenly walked in and asked "What are You doing with MY system." And not thinking that he was upset, as I did not know I was doing something wrong, I told him upfront I was trying to download something, and he kept repeating whatever he was saying. i told him theres no need to repeat as I understand English. I explained why I was downloading, and walked him onto the post of HIS guesthouse.

It was an unnecessary and poor approach out of a mature man. Anyway, I am thinking it was because of the complaints on the wifi though, hence such an approach. he was cool the other day though.

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