Thursday, September 4, 2014

Backpacker Accomodation: Where I stayed in Vang Vieng

I met some travellers in Ventianne who have been to Vang Vieng prior to the capital. I have asked one of them for where he stayed, and has recommended Chillao for 20,000 LAK a night. meantime, I did not think of pre-booking, as I thought i'd be arriving early anyway, thus have time to shop around.

It was around 3pm when I arrived in Vang Vieng, and spotted Chillao easily. It also had a placemark in google, so i got off the van right across its mapped location. 

With such dramatic Views of the Limestone mountains, i thought I can spare a bit more for a room with a view.

The other backpacker hostel I am seeing online is Easy Go backpackers. Pictures show that there is a view, but booking sites say it is $4 a night - a $1.5 hike from that of Chillao, and is enough to pay for a meal.

I have walked around and found a small bungalow for 30,000 LAK/night opposite the river through "Banana Restaurant." It would have been perfect, except that since the river is swollen, the bridge going to the location is unpassable.

I've also spotted what seemed like a resort that has been abandoned, and caretakers approved of me staying for 10,000/night on their bungalows; The only problem was that it looked quite deserted.

Gone tired walking in and around town, I sat by a fruit shake stall, and had a conversation with the owner about my dilemma. She points me back to Easy Go backpackers. i decided to give Easy Go a call...

"'s 20,000 per night for the dorm" reception uttered. I pulled up my backpack, and walked onto their location.

Not only does Easy Go have a view of the Limestone Mountain, but at the same it, its dorm is on an elevated wooden house with a balcony surrounding it. There was also a toilet right next to the room, so was very convenient.

I stayed in Vang Vieng for 4days and 3 nights, and most of this time was spent hanging around the dorm. I had a hammock which I tied on the balcony, and my day would pass by sipping on (free) coffee while staring at the mountains and occasionally, children and adults fishing in the river.

The place is bedbug free, though one problem is that it seems they don't regularly change bedsheets. It is fan cooled, but you don't really need even a fan, as there are four doors around the dorm where fresh breeze freely flows.

Other downside is, the Wifi don't reach the dorm where I stayed. Nonetheless, mobile data is cheap in Lao so not a problem for me.

For budget eats, there's not much choice around Vang Vieng. As you may observe, everything is almost a redundancy in Vang Vieng; The same sandwich and fruit shake vendors you see on on place, will serve the same exact thing on another street.

Fried rice is probably the cheapest that you can eat at 15,000LAK, but if you just go back to the highway where you may have been dropped by the local bus, you can find vendors selling food on TO-Go for cheap. I've tried the roast pork, a very crispy one, for about 20,000 and twice as much as the serving in town. I also just asked for 1000LAK rice which is enough.

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