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Where I stayed in Da Lat, Vietnam

Where I stayed in Da Lat, Vietnam

I booked one night at this guesthouse in Hanoi, just to be sure we have something to land on when we get to Da Lat. When I was booking, sometimes I'd see fully book on some hotels, so I feared it might not be a good idea to be just walking in and around, especially with such a heavy bag.

I was surprised at our arrival in this guesthouse though, as, when I mentioned to the receptionist about our booking, she answered me with "let me check if i have an available room." Luckily, she said she can make one available at about noontime.

When we arrived after a short tour of the town proper, the room was ready, but not exactly as described in our booking. There was really no balcony. The Wifi works intermittently.

While I booked 1 night only, we asked the receptionist if we can extend; She checked, and said Yes (and by then, I was assuming it will be available for us as long as we intend to stay).

On our third day, after our arrival from the Silk Factory, she said she don't have the room available for another night. We couldn't really make a demand as after all, we did not really claify our booking. When I checked on booking.com though, they were still showing as available. There were also some guests who arrived, and I think they had a problem with their booking.

The other downside of this accomodation is that the walls just amplify all the sounds. We stayed at room 202 and I think the owners (with their babies) stay next room; They may not be that loud really, but the walls make it heard all over, and a lot louder.

You can also hear every step from everyone taking the stairs.

For those eyeing this guesthouse, you may want to consider the next one beside it. They rate is the same at $7 per night, though you will initially be asked for $10. Below are the pics; just forgot the name though.

Meantime, in front of either guesthouse is a club that plays techno/electro music from 5pm til late to midnight. The DJ is absolutely boring with extremely noisy and flash beats all night.

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