Monday, July 28, 2014

Meeting a Bisaya Speaking Vietnamese

Meeting a Bisaya Speaking Vietnamese

While having dinner with Vang the other night, he has mentioned that he has a vietnamese friend who has worked in the Philippines for a Year. 

He phoned him, Phi, and handed the phone to me. To my surprise, Phi spoke to me in Bisaya. I was confused of whether I understood it right that Phi was vietnamese.

All the while, just as I thought i won't be having any oral conversation (as opposed to sign/body language), here I am presented with someone who can speak Bisaya. Only problem is, although i can pick up some words, I don't fairly speak bisaya at all.

After dinner, vang brought me to the baywalk to have a cane juice. Then he asked me what I was interested in doing, and asked him if we can have beer.
I was actually intending to have beer at those cafes along the bay, but I don't think he understood it. He brought me to a restaurant, and when we asked beer, we were given half a case (12 bottles) and a bucket of ice.. whoah!

After the beer, Vang was going to drive me back to my motel; Phi's house was along the way, and saw him serving coffee, so we dropped by.

Indeed, Phi is a vietnamese. He set up a table for us, and was so excited to offer me a drink.

He told me that he has an uncle who was a refugee to the Philippines, and by now had stores in cities in Mindanao and Calamba. He said he was invited there to work for the store in Oroquieta City and that's how he has come to know Bisaya.

He asked me where I wanted to go the next day, and told him I wanted to see the islands off Van Gia.He said he'll borrow a boat, and we can go in the afternoon, around noon, which, by then, Vang would have been free from work already.

Van Gia is just easier and more fun than expected

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee link for more stories, detailed expenses and itinerary

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