Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Around Van Gia

Around Van Gia

Vang picked me up early from the Motel to go to Phi's place for coffee and breakfast.

It wasn't a very good weather though, seeing the dark clouds and the wind blowing strong. With such situation, unfortunately, we can't go and take an island trip, especially that, the island I specifically wanted to go to is known to have drowned some vietnamese before.

After the coffee, Phi said we'll go to a restaurant and eat dogs... ooops! Again, it's an invitation from a local, and i can't refuse.

Another friend of him came with us, and, unfortunately, dog meat was just not for me. They initially ordered 1 dish, made me try, but, just after 1 bite, I was throwing up. The smell was just too intense. Then, they ordered another dish, and I had to say thanks though. They ordered a soup, but still couldn't get me to eat. I said I was still full, though honestly, my stomach has just completely gone off. Another is that, they ordered rice wine too, and I don't think it was a great itinerary for 10am.

After the restaurant, I asked Phi if we can perhaps visit Dam Mong (or Lambong, as it sounded when they pronounced it).

It took us probably about an hour to get to Lambong, driving as careful as possible as the wind was blowing strong, and the trucks passing by are speeding.

Lambong was actually a sand dune, instead of a wide beach. It was like going to a completely different country, considering that i've been seeing endless green hills all my time in vietnam.

Upon exit from the highway towards Lambong, you'd be greeted by massive fish culture pools, growing crabs and shrimps as I was told.

As we moved further, village becomes rarer and rarer, just like the traffic. The beach clear and quiet, and made me wonder again why russians ever thought of setting up in Nha Trang when this town is just an hour away.

Driving further, we got into some rock formations alongside the beach, where there are seafood restaurants too for visitiors.

It rained so hard right then, so we thought of having some coffee and Pho at the restaurant. After all, i have technically not eaten at all for that day.

On the way back, we were intending to visit the water dam, Tu Bong, just next to the detour from the highway, but it was late, and Phi has to go somewhere else.

Meantime, I was picked up by Vhang after some rest in the Motel, to have dinner with his family.

I was planning to stay further for another day so I can make another attempt to the beautiful white sand island, but, looking at the weather report online, it does not seem like the weather will be any better, so thought about moving to Pleiku.

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