Monday, July 14, 2014

Backpacker Eats: Where to eat (Cheap) in Kampot, Cambodia

Where to Eat (Cheap) in Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot probably offers everything in cheapest around cambodia; From accomodation to food;The whole 4 days what I was in Kampot, I stayed in Blissful, and ate almost all meals at this local restaurant just close to the rivers.
Just when the other restaurants in this town center would offer the fried rice for $2.00 or more, this restaurant sells it for just $1.50 and even just $1.00 for vegetable only/no meat. They also had pork chop over rice for also $1.00. Free tea too, so no need to spend more than $1.00 per meal; Plus with wifi.

If you go outside the center though, you may find prices even $0.50 cheaper than here. I had a fried rice at a riverside restaurant for just $1.00 on my way to Kep.

For beer, some guesthouses offer $0.50 for draft, while most would offer the same price during happy hours, which is until 8pm.

The stafff of the restaurant were also so nice, I was thinking of volunteering some time for them to fix up their menu, and probably do some craft to decorate the place.

They also offer motorbike rental for just $4.00 per day, and was so considerate to let me have the bike from 2:00pm to 5:00pm of the following day.

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