Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bored in Nha Thrang and Gone Van Gia

Bored in Nha Thrang and Gone Van Gia
Looking at how the beach look like from Google Maps, it does not seem to be any interesting at all; Wikitravel also cites that travellers who have been to the beaches of Thailand and Philippines, may not like it. Nevertheless, it is a popular destination for Vietnam and on my way, so thought about checking it out somehow. I can always leave after a night in case i don't like it.

I've roamed around Nha Trang did not really find a reason to stay. Meantime, there was a destination I was eyeing, just about 100km north of Nha Trang, and thought about checking it out. The only problem I have is that there's nothing known online about this destination, and I can't find any possible accomodation.

After 2 nights in Nha Trang, I decided to leave. I have asked some vietnamese I met earlier for how I can go there, and I was told there shall be a bus from the bus station.

I walked towards the bus station, and asked the counters. Luckily, the person I asked knew how to speak english, and was quite helpful. She walked me through to some vans going to Quy Nhon and asked the driver if I can hop in. Driver agreed for 40,000 dong.
It was about 4pm when I reached Van Gia. It took a while to get there as the driver kept picking passengers, and fitting people everywhere even without seats.

When I arrived, I looked around for guesthouses; Unfortunately, I wasn't seeing any. 

I was feeling tired of my bag, so asked around for where I can probably get hot black coffee.

As I walk to where I was pointed, people in the coffee shop (about 90% of the probably 30 people) were looking at me. They knew, an outsider has invaded their town.

I sat and asked for hot black cofffee; The owner asked me where I am from, and told him of my origins and reason for being in Van Gia.
He happened to be a refugee to the Philippines back in the vietnam war; At that time, some vietnamese braved the West Philippine sea to reach the Philippines, and temporarily take refuge there (thus a big vietnamese community in Puerto Princessa Palawan); He still knew a little tagalog :-)

I asked hiim for where I can stay at cheap, and showed me on the map. Just on my way out, a cousin of him (Vang) volunteered to drop me to the motel (80,000 VND/night).
Then, just 30 mins after setting up in my room, I received a message from Vang, asking if i'd be up for dinner with him, which I wouldn't refuse of course.

This post is part of the #limbonisASIA tripSee link for more stories, detailed expenses and itinerary

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