Saturday, July 12, 2014

Budget Backpacker Accomodation: Where I stayed in Kampot, Cambodia

Where I stayed in Kampot, Cambodia

I have initially booked at Mad Monkey's in Kampot, but upon reaching Kampot, I heard it was a bit off the center; Instead, I asked around for where I can find a cheap dorm that's just a walk away.

I was pointed to the backpacker street, where I found Blissful Guesthouse for just $2.00 per night for a dorm. I was lucky too that there are only 3 beds in the dorm, and the fans for the other 2 beds aren't working; Technically, i had the room for myself.

dorm room in Blissful guesthose

Place is quite relaxing, with hammocks and greens around, except that mosquitoes are a bit thick in the area (and I'm guessing almost the same perhaps for the other guesthouses).

In front of the guesthouse, a local restaurant serves the same black coffee for 1000riel.

They have several toilets/washrooms too, except that they don't have much staff to do maintenance; Somehow though, toilets are relatively clean.

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