Thursday, July 17, 2014

Backpacker Accomodation: Where I stayed in Ho Chi Minh City

I am arriving early from a sleeping bus trip from An Giang Province, and from an internet cafe in Tri Ton, I booked with Budget Saigon Hostel for $3.50 per night in the dorm.

Go Points:
1. Friendly Staff
2. (01) Available Computer for customer use
3. Cheap
4. Away from Noisy Backpacker Area
5. Breakfast inclusive (though this is a simple blunt tasting coffee, banana, viet bread, butter)

Don't Go Points:
1. Unsystematic Bookings; Staff tells you stay wherever bed is free, and problem is, there may not be a stuff in the bed, seemingly free, but may actually be occupied (as what happened in my case).
2. 1 toilet (per florr) for a massive set of guests. There are 2 dorms, 1 A/C on the 3rd floor, and 1 Fan ($3.50) on the fourth floor.1 Floor/Dorm has 6 beds, triple bunk each.

3. I stayed again in this hostel for a week until 08 October, and there was a fire in the building. See here for story.

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