Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Country Coffee in Kontum

The Country Cofffee in Kontum

I've first seen Country Coffee in Kontum, as I walk along Nguyen Hue looking for Hong My Hotel. That moment I passed by and seen it, I set myself to hang out in this place during my stay in Kontum.

On my second (first full day) in Kontum, after a walk around town, I passed by it again, and remembered about my plan of dropping by sometime.

The place was just too cozy over a big old tree that shade the area.

So I walked in, and looked for my preferred seating; I look puzzled as I enter, just as the people seeing me are as puzzled as to who I am.

Then came a guy and said something in Vietnamese, which I assume was asking for what I want; I asked for "Ca Phe Den Noum" but again, as previously, he did not understand. I had to revert back to my english therefore, and asked for "black coffee with sugar".

He then left to get my coffee, and I pull out my phone to do my usual facebook check.

Then, a woman came out of the nearby house, and asked me something in vietnamese; I would not know how to answer in vietnamese so had to tell her "somebody took my order already"

Not understanding anything, she calls one of the guys along (who knew how to speak english) and so I continued the converstation with him.

Then, my coffee came a little later. She sat onto the same table, and asked (in english) where I am frrom; I answered, from the Philippines.

She left, and came back a little later, with some fruits. She also called her daughter (studying in saigon and can somehow speak english) so the coffee-drop-by turned out to be a 3 hour conversation. I ended up getting my coffee in the house,and offered to assist me see the Rong house the following day.

I woke up late the following day though, and came back for my morning coffee at almost noontime. Again, Mama Lien was offering lunch, but I said i'll have it later. Judy, her daughter, wasn't available anymore at the time though so she can't accompany me to the Rong House. Meanwhile, she asked me if i'd like to come with her to her grandma, and then later, we'll check out the Rong House. Then again, i thought about asking her to point to me where on the map i can find the Rong House and I can probably go there myself.

I did not exactly find the same rong house they were telling me, but somehow i spotted a Rong house in town.

Then, in the evening, i met the same first guy who spoke english near the market as I was about to withdraw money. 

I asked him where he's going, and said he's headed to the coffee shop. I asked him if he can wait for me, and said yes.
We went to the coffee shop, but this time, i was led direct into the kitchen. The family was having dinner, and was asked to join; And they even gave me beer after.

They were asking me to stay too in Kontum as they will be having a celebration the next day, but I said i'll try.

On my last day, I dropped by the coffee shop again to have my first coffee of the day, and perhaps to say goodbye. Again, they were asking me to stay, but I said,, i'll come back in case I don't get a bus. 

And, to the last minute, They drove me though to the bus station.

What a great family to have. I'll certainly come back to this family when I go close to this part of vietnam.

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