Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where I ate in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

My last meal for the day has been that brunch in the JRJ Chicken in Cagayan De Oro city; A stop over at CEDAR in Impalutao, Impasugong, Bukidnon ( and the unexpected muddy 700m trek to the falls) left my knees shaking.

Asking the locals for where to eat steered me to this the locals still refer to as Mendez (ARL resto & jazz bar).

I asked the waiter for their specialty and told me it's the chicken barbeque. But, chicken barbeque has been more staple than rice in this northern mindanao trip (though I wont refuse it if it were Family Fried Chicken of Zamboanga ;-) ). Then, I asked for an alternative; was pointed the sizzlers; ended up ordering sizzling squid.

The squid was served in a super salty and lavisly peppered gravy sauce which made me hope its chicken instead and have less regret of what I'd be paying. Would've been better in the regular oyster/worcestershire sauce. Below is the menu.. And I don't recommend this squid.

Try the kwek kweks, balut, and tempura stalls in the Plaza :-). Just fronting Plaza View Tourist Inn


  1. To give fair credit to ARL resto bar their baby back ribs is surely more than what you paid for, and please can you post more pics of the Impasug ong Cedar falls? Would help a lot to know ahead whats waiting in there. Great blog! Tigg from GL

  2. Try the "unforgettable" Cowboys RM ("remember me" thick broth) best for rainy days and cool weather of Malaybalay, its in Impasug ong back of Gaisano Mall, surely something to remember from Malaybalay.

  3. Will sureply do that on my next trip sir once i climb kitanglad. Thanks for recommending te baby back ribs, wish i was told by the waiter ;-). Will post on cedar soon, though i didnt get to all three falls. Only the first one. It was already dark when i go there :-(


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