Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Language game in Sugpalon Falls, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

I have a four day trip to Cdo, and having been to Camiguin, and rafting, there's practically nothing more to see other than bukidnon.

Having completed my learning to drive a boat experience in Agutayan island, the other destination I thought checking out was Sugpalon falls.

The first habal driver i asked from the waiting shed was asking for 250 pesos, way more than what I read.  I left the shed and said I don't have funds, and that I'd choose to walk.

Well, truth is, I was just trying to escape his sight, and probably somewhere within the community proper, I can scout a more reasonable rate.

Indeed, just about 200meters away, and just right after I covered myself thru the spiral road, a habal service, coming from the highway, was asking where I am headed - I said towards sugpalon falls. He, in bisaya, was offerring 100 for a back and forth trip. Thank fully, he has a passenger who knew how to speak tagalog.

A little while later in the ever becoming rougher road, this tagalog speaking passenger got off. Henceforward, we talked in 2 different dialects. Much like that experience with Nanay in Merloquet, he spoke in bisaya, while I reply in tagalog. We just assumed what each other was talking about.

The journey wasn't very short. By this time, i was already considering paying 150 indeed; especially he had to park, wait for me, take my pictures (and pose for his pictures too). 

From the destructed bridge, we had to trekk the river, jumping from one rock boulder to another, and then through the bush.


Sugpalon falls open up tall that you'd have to look up and slide your head down to see the whole drop. The falls is certainly more than 100m. The water is kinda brown, considerig the color of the soil.. 

It may not really be that falls where you can dip, but the marvelous height and straight drop makes the whole trip much worth it.

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