Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sang Ai (Shang hai) Island, Tawi Tawi

From the disturbing scenes in that sandbar near Tandu bas (see here for post), we head next to the island of Sang Ai ( some pronounce shang hai). 

We had to pass thru the island of "La" for the fuel. Along the way, we scouted some cyanide and dynamite fishers and could only sigh at the sight. Apparently, and considering the situation in the sandbar, nobody is patrolling the seas.

It took us a rough hour and a half to get to sang ai. The reported storm seems to be bracing thru the area as our boat is almost flipping. Glad all the passengers were having fun at the waves rather than worried.

Just like in the sandbar, we had to approach the island very carefully as the water was so shallow.

Two men approached our boat and our captain was greeted with a handshake.

I jumped off the boat. The sand was powder white and fine, and the coconut trees plot the great island escape scene.

On the side, mt bongao was teasing for a photo shoot.

We agreed to walk around the island. And spotted fishing were flamingos. Some, probably the full ones, are seated atop the tree, as if they're lookouts.

We also spotted some skeletons of turtles in this island, though none spotted fresh (the island must have once been another slaughterhouse for green sea turtles).

Then, the sun began to set. I was wanting to wait til the sun lay between the clouds and the sea. Then again, im feeling like my company is tired and could not ask for us to wait,  

Then again, they started picking some shells... All three of them in my company scooped on the sand, looking for shells. They'll have it for dinner.

Midway to Bonggao mainland, I was feeling dry. I asked the boatman to stop for a while so I can snorkle and swim. It just feels so nice floating in the middle of the Sulu sea ;-)

see here for our hike to Mt Bongao

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