Thursday, November 7, 2013

Agutayan Island and Driving a boat

As i always say when asked why I travel.. I say to experience something new. Sometimes, the highlight of a trip is not really the fine white sand, the greens and landscape, marine life, nor the tall magnificiebt falls; sometimes its the experience; like the odds in getting to the destination, especially the transportation, or even the people and their way of living, or perhaps, the challenge of getting to places most people will be scared off.

In the van, on the way to camiguin, I was seeing this white sandbar on the left side, off the coast of Jasaan. I told myself I'm going back for it. 

Then, for this next 5day trip to CDO, i put it first in my itinerary (along with Sugpalon falls also in Jasaan).

Upon arrival in CDO, i headedstraight to Jasaan. I have asked the driver to drop me right where I can scout a boat for Agutayan. I was dropped in Liyang Resort.

I knew I will be on tourist rate If i were to get the boat from te resort, so i walked past it. I stopped by a sari sari store, asked for coffee, and sat on another cottage next to it; A man seated and I began the talk. Later, he offered to help me find a boat.

We walked about 500meters further away from the resort. Unfortunately, his friend was asking 500 pesos which I think is still expensive. I had the gut feeling i'd get 300 pesos. I just said I'd check out the resort first if tey may have gesta bound for the island that I can share costs with.

I walked back towards the resort and tried my luck indedd but there's none. They were asking for P1500 or P1200 if I were to go alone. Of course, I left;

A little asking from the people around and they pointed me next to the church. They said Thats were I might get a small boat.

A flock of youngsters were playing coin toss games under a tamarind tree. I excused and aske where I can possibly get a boat. 2 boys from the flock stood up and escorted me to the parked boats. Later, they asked if I'm ready to pay 500. I said i had thesame offer and did not refuse for nothing. They dropped to 400, asked 300 til we close at 350! Done deal! They pulled the fuel, and filled the engine.

The water was so calm though not so clear. I was told there was a heavy rain the night before, and when this happens, it saturates the water.

Just about 15 minutes and we were in the island! A lot of logs lay loose on te ground, and im not sure how they got there or ehat their use is. Took some pictures of the sand, and ten asked if I can snorkle on the clams. We aske permission from the island caretakers, and they eacorted us. The water was too stirred up to have a clear view of the clams (to think that the water was too shallow; waist level only). I also had the idea that there will be thick corals when they mention marine sanctuary in their signages, but if not for the clams, there doesn't seem to be anything in there. I went back to the boat instead and thanked the caretakers an prepared to leave for mainland.

I asked the boys if they can let me drive the boat, and they were happy to let me. Learnig to drive a boat is one of the short term goals in travelling actually; i always want to know how to run these transport systems i tend to use in travelling; in the untoward event that the driver is unable to, I will be able to do it myself.

Its fairly easy. You pull that nylon rope to adjust the speed. Theres a rubber knob that holds the nylon rope so driver dot have to be holding it at a pressure during the trip.

Meantime, you pull frward the bamboo to steer the boat to the right, and pull backwards to steer to the left (or the other way around ;-) lolz).

 I also have that plan of buying a small boat, later, and roaming around the archipelago through my self driven boat. I'm done with learning to drive motorbikes and tricycles, now done with boat, next is that 'skylab' habal habal.

How to go to Agutayan Island:

Make your way to agora Terminal. In agora terminal, look for the jeeps bound for Jasaan. Ask to be dropped in Liyang Resort. Fare is P25.

In case you need to contact my boatman (or boatboy for that matter) call jay Ar (0926) 330 9092.

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