Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fund raising trip to Hundred Islands, Pangasinan #stroll4bohol

After the horrifying earthquake in Bohol, the climbing group has thought of organizing some budget trips whereby proceeds will go as donation to bohol. (The group normally organizes non profit trips where costs are equally shared among joiners including the head of the trip, but for this, we added added between 300-400 pesos to the per head cost).

It was about 3am when we reached the selected resort so we took some nap to recharge before starting on the island hopping.

After breakfast, and before leaving, I scouted some fish that we can grill in the island from the nearby fisherfolks. I was actually intending to get bangus, but They said it wont be available until evening. Instead, i was walked into a cooler box and was made to choose from some of the unfamiliar fishes. I took some of what seemed to be family of bangus except having more lustrous and bigger scales. I also asked the fisherfolk to spare 3kilos of bangus and 2.5 kilos of crabs of their afternoon catch for our dinner.

It was about 8am when we left the resort for the island hopping. Our first stop was the Marcos Island.

Immediately after we docked, we trekked to Imelda cave to for the cliff dive.

I was the first to jump (having done it in my first visit last year) and off did 5 others. After all, that was the only thing to be done there since the sandy part would have been the parking area for the boats, leaving no space to swim freely.

At about half past ten, we decided to move to another island. I have specifically asked for kind of secluded island with beach where the waves would be a little calm. Our boatman drove towards Lopez Island.

It was a very good choice as there were some shades below the bulky rocks. Others took a nap while food is being prepped, and others gambled to whatever fund they have in excess. I must say, it's my kind of card game too, and wasn't too bad for winning close to 200 pesos

At 3pm, whereas everybody would have been all rested, we asked to move to governor's island for the viewdeck. 

Meanwhile, in passing, we dropped by the snorkelling area which wasn't frustrating at all for the schools of fishes we spotted. There were also some huge clams being grown in the area ( not sure though if council is even monitoring the protection of these clams).

At the governors island, i told the team to go ahead with the short trekk as I wait for them in the beach. 

Meanwhile, i see some people snorkelling around so went to check whats in there. It was just clams again.

A little while later, while sippong through coffee I got from the store, a small boat arrives. It's actually a tourism patrol.

I thought about asking if they can let me drive the boat around for even just 10mins. I had to tell them about my fascination to driving a boat myself, and how i did in Misamis just weeks ago; Gladly, My request was granted. I was accompanied by the junior from our rented boat, but I asked him to just sit back, and pretend like he's not around. I tied the rope into the rotor, pulled hardly, and got the engine started after some 10 attempts.

Thereafter, one by one, the folks came. It was also almost dark, so everybody was ready to go home.

Upon arrival, i received a message from the nearby fisherman saying my order is ready for delivery. Both the crabs and bangus were just 500 pesos (although the bangus was distinctively not, and dont come close to the taste of dagupan). The dayms culmination was a seafood fiesta ;-).

see here for our tambobong trip, right after hundred islands

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