Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where we stayed in Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol

I made contacts with a handful of resorts in the island, and I got a 1300 fan room for four in playa blanca. The van driver dont know (hopefully not pretending) where it is, said it might be at the far end of the island, and referred us to Alona Bamboo Resort.

We were given a very good rate of just 1,000 per night for allfour of us so i thought it was a very good deal.

Meantime, at night, we walked to the beachfront (3minutes walk) which leads to.. Surprisingly Playa Blanca. I asked the staff around for the rates of the rooms, and that in the very beachfront was 2,000 (the other staff though i asked earlier said it is 1500 so i am guessing that they're anticipating bargains)

For Alona bamboo, you may contact Tess: (0906) 132 4062

My van driver Arnel: (0909) 783 2396. He charged me only P300 from seaport to Alona beach.

Careful though when buying stuff from their store. Since we were informed that we were free to use their kitchen utensils, i kept taking 3-in-1 coffee from their store; and im the type who'd drink coffee as often as i possibly can. I asked the store caretaker to list all that I am taking and that i'll pay all at once as I ceck out. I was surprised they charged me 20 per coffee saying that if its served with water, it'll be that price. I think they did that because they see i was ready to do some spending (well thats beacuse i was with my drandma, otherwise, i would have not screamed at them on that 20/cup)

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