Monday, October 28, 2013

Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur

I knew it was election season but I forgot to correlate that with my destination when I decided to take this ticket. When I arrived in Cagayan de Oro, my plan was rather to just stay quiet in a beachfront at the eve of election, but tere wasn't really an interesting beach for me. So, i decided to just go. It's becoming my motto lately.

It's almost lunch, and im starving. I realized i haven't eaten anything for the day and that climbing those rocks for a cliff jump in tinago falls, where i had to lift all my body weight up through my arms, left me entirely weak.

The FX to Marawi is almost filled up and set to leave. I read it takes less than an hour to get to marawi, so hopped in and decided to take my lunch in marawi instead.. Halal fiesta.

The guy i had a word with in the fx was hospitable enough to drop me in banggolo - where he said I can get my halal meal.

Every so often, we'd come accross
Fruit stands and majority would have fruit baskets fronting the stores. I wondered and asked my folk how much those baskets costs.. Said starting at P120 (and i suddenly thought how much money i can make if I were to deal them in the city).

Meantime, Indeed, there were a number of muslim restaurants there banggolo. I ordered one unfamiliar dish and one familiar one in case i don't like pursuing the novel one. 

Unlike in Sulu and Zamboanga though, these muslim restaurants dont have much of the same delicacies.

After my P100 peso meal (had to reiterate for I wonder why such areas like this, and cotabato could cost a lot more than some cities), I decided to walk to this islamic building I was seeing from the eatery. It was the islamic center. 

A lady from the other side of the road was staring at me and saying something in maranaon. I smiled at her and after taking pictures, I approached her; pretending at first that i'll just be taking some shade and smoke.

When I told her I was just looking around the city, there you go, she told me those notorious stories of kidnapping, killings, etc; and she sampled these 2 young men who were suddenly picked in front of her store 2 days ago. But, to me, it somes in to the left.. It crosses straight out to the right. A little while later i bid farewell and rode the tricycle.

I specifically asked the tricycle to drop me in Padian, but to please stop by as we come across indigenous structures.

One of my classmates in grad school had done some work in marawi and told me about this underground market where they sell gold.

Upon reaching padian, this is the first thing I looked for. Little did I know that they are in fact stalls selling Jewellries. I have assumed they were like those in st francis square but selling authentic gold.

Anyhow, I walked around, upand down the stairs of this market. I observe that trash is everywhere just like in Jolo.  The climate is so nice, and For some reason, I have this stereotype for cool cities (tagaytay, baguio, sagada, etc) as being clean and in order. At one point in the trip, I asked a tricycle driver about this hill that looks really nice and cold, and he said they call it little baguio. Especially considering how baguio is now, I wonder why they don't aspire to develop something out of it.. or even the whole city. The climate is really good and would be a great reason to visit and spend some days in Marawi.

Anyhow, i looked for native coffee and found some muslim eateries at the lower ground level of the building. Only thing is, here, they dont boil the grind. They use it just like the instant coffee (still prefer getting that distinct bitterness with the boiled version ).

The lake is close by, so i walked further to the port to have a look. It was too big, you'd think its a sea's horizon. 

From there, i walked back to the highway to visit MSU. The museum is closed, and other than the distinct buildings, and the main entrance,  there was nothing more. I chartered a 'motor' to get me back to town while we pass by these structures. I specifically asked to be brought too to this 0.00 km marker but to my surprise, he took me straight to the terminal. I did not bother argue.

I took the topload from the terminal so I could see it all. Besides, all passengers in the jeepney were in the native muslim attires, and I would be very hesitant to spark a conversation with them. Not that I am afraid or what, but, as I observe, these people don't naturally have that talking to strangers approach unlike the rest.

From the topload, we'd come occasionally to these dressed houses as if tere's a party. There are also these streamers of welcome home, etc with names. Later, I realized, they were for the Haj Pilgrims. 

Finally, after about just 45mims, we reached Iligan city. I got the best reward. I gave my driver my P100 and was surprised to get P80 back as change. They have rebates for toploaders ;-) (same as that in Saranggani). Travelling for less and for more fun ;-). 

Total spent:
Iligan-Marawi FX: 75
Lunch in Banggolo: P100 (2viands+rice)
Trike around city and to Padian: P30
Pineapple in Padian (must try): P5
Coffee and Pastry: P30
Jeep to MSU: P10
Trike around MSU and to Terminal: P50
Coffee in Terminal: P12
Fare Marawi-Iligan: P20

Totla: P332! Not bad for a halfday sidetrip

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