Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Security in Tourism: An open letter to Zamboanga Tourism and CityCouncil

The Police station as viewed from the waiting shed

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am sitting in a waiting shed next to the Police station as I write this letter. 

Coming from Dipolog City, after some trips from Butuan, Cagayan, Iligan, Marawi, Ozamis, Sinacaban, and then Dipolog, I have taken a night trip from Dipolog thinking that I'd get to Vitali (for Merloquet falls) by 6 (as internet says its usually an 8-10hrs trip) in the morning. However, unexpectedly, since trips tend to be fast at night, I got to Vitalli by 4am.

I read that I'm supposed to get off at a church, and have asked the bus conductor to drop me right where I can be safe to wait til sunrise. I was told to wait in the Police Station, ehich is just right opposite the church.

I was asked some questions by the Police on duty, which I honestly answered. Questions like where I am from, what I will be doing, etc. The police left for a while and when he came back, asked me to leave and wait in the shed instead. He said he does not feel safe with me for he don't know me. I silently left and walked towards the shed in the hiway.

I felt some disgrace on my part. All the while I was trying to secure myself through these gents who are supposed to protect civilians (and this is what I normally do on my trips; either policemen, lgu or local barangays). 

I never felt any fear travellig around mindanao, not even when I got to patikul. But events like this are kind of worrisome. What I mean is, shall something happen, I will have to worry of whether to approach the Police for tey may just send me away.

I agree that they shall exercise critical scrutiny, but not to this point. They have all the right to request my identification, etc, but sending me to a shed, especially considering the risks in zamboanga at the moment, is an assumption that I, a visitor, is a threat.


*letter was sent to four email addresses found in the web. 2 for LGU and 2 for tourism; all bounced back with bad email
Addresses. Nice

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