Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where I ate in Zamboanga

Recent events in Zamboanga had the CAAP suspend tawi tawi flights; Their airport didn't have an Xray machine (as per tawi tawi tourism) and would be a security risk.

Meantime, i didn't really think I'd have a problem with the Zam-TWi flight so didn't have any backup for this weekend. Then, i thought about taking the Mla-Zamboanga flight anyway at least to see how the city is.

It will be my second time in Zamboanga, and back in my first trip, i have passed by this TSOKOLATE en route to Paseo. I thought it was a pricey pastry shop so I did not even bother look.

Meantime, for this trip, as there wasn't really anything in my iti, i had the luxury to spend on food.

Upon arriving at past 8 in the morning,I went straight to Pilar. I was actually going to eat in this chinese carinderia in front of this shop, but it was closed. So.. No choice but to go straight to TSOKOLATE.

I asked for their specialty and was given this eggpie which, according to their staff, crust is made of custard.

I ordered a tablea chocolate too and (don't try) bangus with egg.

All these for P114 only.

In the afternoon, i went back for snacks and ordered their (2) brewed coffee, queen elizabeth, and super moist cake (All for P148).

Meantime, it was already 6pm when i finished my cake. Assuming that all the restaurants will be closed by the next hour, i intended to make a take out. My friend told me to try Family fried chicken (just around the vicinity, in the town proper). I walked in but as I am very tired, I thought i'd just fall asleep when I enterto my room and chances are I wont be able to eat it anyway. I ended up eating it there even if I am still full from the cakes.

The fried chicked looked tempting and it was on buy one take one (so 1/4 serving becomes half). Half chicken for P95 with 2 rice.

They have several brances around Zamboanga including a bigger, more family oriented full restaurant just walking distance, about 100m near Canelar pension houses.

There is another bigger branch in Canelar, menu is below

Their (fried) chicken tastes far better than kenny rogers I must say ;-)

Meanwhile, Hotel Perlita has a rooftop bar and restaurant that has a 360 view of the city. Have not tried the food, only coffee, but menu is below

Lastly, when in Zamboanga, don't forget to try the native coffee "kahawa" And their native delicacies. You can get it from Muslim Cafeteria's around for less than P10.

This trip is part of my 13 day Southern Mindanao Trip. I posted a few details of my schedule and expenses here

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