Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fundraising for Panti Asuhan Muhammadiya in Pasar Baru, Padang, Indonesia

Going to Indonesia was not just learning bahasa Indonesia, travelling the country to a wider extent, understanding its people and culture, but also do the same things I have started doing back in my home country.

As soon as I got to Padang, I have been on the lookout for cause oriented groups which I could join, and perhaps cooperate with for community development projects. Meantime, I have not found the appropriate group just yet, so along with my other classmates in the scholarship program, we decided to start a small one on our own.

I have been asking some new acquiantances here to help me get to the orphanages (Panti Asuhan) and thankfully, a Padang Couchsurfer helped me get to one.

Two days ago, we visited the Panti Asuhan Muhammadiya in Pasar Baru, which is just a few kilometers off campus. The center has 25 boys, aged 9 to 17, who were turned over to the center even from other provinces of their parents or relatives. A few are complete orphans, while some were from single parents or underserved families.

This coming tuesday we will be selling ice cream in campus (Andalas University) to fund a feeding and activity on the 24th October in Panti Asuhan Muhammadiyah.

If any reader in Padang is interested in handing out pre-loved items for the boys, Hubungi: 0813 1860 0294.

read here for article for the actual fundraising project.

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