Monday, October 19, 2015

Puncak Gagoan in Solok, West Sumatra

Upon reaching Solok, it was time to look for something to do, or somewhere to go (other than the Danao Kembar in Alahan Panjang which I have been too already). I just really wanted to see the city, but if there is some interesting place, then that could be a bonus.

I remembered there is this friend who showed me a picture of a nice cliff in Solok, and looking at instagram posts too for Solok, shows the same pic.

At night, while having nasi goreng in one of the warungs, some nice lady gave us information, and even called a friend who can help us go to the place. However, we did not really want to bother anyone, especially seemingly a guide, so I told my friend to just get the contact details and we will call him in case we need some directions.

Even more fortunately, this friend I am travelling with has a friend in the village where the cliff is. We stopped at their house, and took his motorbike to go with us.

It was a total of less than an hour drive from Solok Town Center, through a dirt road, and some broken concrete. The slopes were, just like most of them here in Sumatera Barat, steep, but nothing is steep and dangerous enough to an Indonesian driver.

The view would have been very stunning had there not been the haze from the burning forests on the other side of the Sumatra Island. At the spot are also warung vendors earning a living from the flocking visitors. Of course, there were those random people too with buckets asking for money along the way, and the parking guys which seems to the staple job around.

Some of the rocks are marked with red X to caution as they risk falling.

There don’t seem to be any angkot going inside, and the commuting option might only be via ojek from the highway. The road plies the perimeter of the singkarak lake, plus the mini rice terraces on the side.

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