Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ice Cream sales fundraising in Andalas University

We, along with the other dharmasiswa (2015-2016) participants, planned to start this at lunchtime, but the ice cream arrived almost when the students are on their way back to their classes. I was getting worried if ever it will arrive; Then again, it was 300 ice creams, and with the local fascination for people with white skin, I was just so positive it will sell like pancakes; Though again, yes, it would have sold much more easily during the breaks.

We had the ice creams available at around 1, and from there, we went to our designated locations.

One big box went to the business center (University food court), another to the Library, and ours went to the Fakultas Teknik.

It was quite easy selling to Ibus (elderly staff of the university) especially knowing that it is for fund raising. Along with the ice creams, we handed out thank you cards with our contact numbers for those who would have pre-loved toys and clothes for the boys in the orphanage.

all ice cream sold in Fakultas Teknik in 2 hours
In no time, we were running out of ice creams. I have called the other groups, and they are almost closing the box. After 2 hours, we met back in the Business Center.

Approaching the table, a man, along with some others, and some Ibus from the warungs are with the other classmates and are looking for the person who started it all.
Just when i wanted to rest my throat, and legs, and shoulders, here I am over to an explanation.

Apparently, one warung have called local community officers and told them that some students have been selling ice creams and in the name of an orphanage (oh well....).
They have asked me where this orphanage is, and told them (and sketched) the location. I also showed them some pictures of the orphanage and some shots of the way to it. Then again, they don't completely understand what I am talking about, and so had a local friend translate for me. I gave them the number of the person I spoke to in the orphanage, and we called them.

Later, they advised us to seek a stamped letter from the institution on future projects.

Overall, we made 844,000 IDR in 2 hours which, not too much, but will be enough to feed the 25 boys for one sunday afternoon on 24th October.

Post coming later about the outreach.

meeting after the sales about the food and activities we are doing on the agreed date, 24th October

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