Friday, July 24, 2015

The Yakan Weaving Center in Zamboanga City

I have been in and out of Zamboanga, but with every travel, I am mostly interested with natural attractions and leaving all others on my time bussing.

There is no real destination in this trip other than there is a flight available, and took it. Today, the plan was actually to revisit malamawi beach in Basilan, but as we woke up late to make it to the last trip to Basilan, we decided to go around town.

In brgy Caliraan in Zamboanga city, a community of relatives from the Yakan tribe of Basilan has kept the culture of weaving. If not today, I would have not known that apart from the Tausugs, and Badjao, another set of Muslim tribe is around (in the BaSulTa area) . Their language is different, for one.

The center is no more than a residential compound with a frontyard display of the by-products they make out of the weaving; There are also other products on display traditionally from the yakan tribes of Basilan (as well as other products from other tribes and places such as the pisyabit of the Tausugs, and traditional mats made by the badjaos).

To get to the weaving center:

From Zamboanga Town Center Public Market, take the jeepneys bound for Upper Caliraan; Ask to be dropped in the weaving center. Fare as of posting (July 2015) is P10/head.

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