Monday, July 13, 2015

I give these 7 reasons why I overstayed Lanuza, Surigao Sur

The town which I just want to check out in passing, took 4 days of my trip. Sleepy towns are my favorite destinations as they keep my nerves calm and my sanity intact. You'd barely want to think about anything, including what to do next. Then again, more than that, there are other things that kept me in this town for a few days.

1.       Running water, coming from streams of mountains, is cold and is perfect for the summer heat. You barely want to finish taking a bath.

2.     Sleepy town with no breaking eardrum sounds of passing vehicles. It is a perfect place to practice biking. It might be just as safe to camp on the road.

around Lanuza town center

3. The surrounding is very moist. There are several decade old trees around the Plaza, with mossy vegetation in their trunks to prove how cool the climate is. You never get irate about anything too, which goes to show how cool the place is.

4.  I was impressed at how much the local government is investing in tourism, and how well it is valued. At the surf camp, several buildings are setup for visitor accomodation.  Considering that there isn’t much people visiting the town (at least compared to other areas such as siargao, or bislig), yet the town has prepared itself well. The Marine Sanctuary for instance has a cafe, whereby behind is a viewdeck. You can sip your P15 peso coffee either in that viewdeck or in the umbrella seats provided with a highway view.

the LGU built Guest Accomodation fronting the surfng area in Lanuza

Lanuza Surf Camp

Compared to Cantilan which has more heritage houses, Lanuza has a century old house that is well maintained and ready for future.

The Century old house in Lanuza, Surigao Sur

5. The perfectly scenic shades of green of the hills, coconuts, and ricefields from the highway. In the future, I am hoping to see restaurants or cafes just on the highway.

6. Affordability. Entrance to the marine sanctuary is P5. Coffee in the Surf Camp is only P10 and Sanctuary (instant) is only 15. Strong wifi provided in the surf camp, so you can hangout for just your P10.

Notice to the Entrance of the Sanctuario, Lanuza, Surigao

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