Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Alumni Homecoming in Myanmar

queue in the train station of Myanma Railways in Yangon, Myanmar

The Myanma Railways train to Bago, Myanmar

This is my first time in Myanmar and never did I attend school in myanmar. It wasn't even in our itinerary that  we'lll be going here for an occassion, other than just checking out the world's tallest pagoda.

I and Jherson woke up nearly 5am to prep up for the first trip to Bago. As we walk in the train towards our seat, a guy smiles and stares at us as if he accidentally meets a long lost acquiantance; greets us, and as rarely do we get to speak with a local in english, we continued til some conversation.  

view from inside the Myanma Railways

sunrise along the way to Bago, Myanmar

the cold weather as we go up north to Bago, Myanmar

Htet Paing (prnounced tep phai) used to live in Bago, and today, now based in Yangon, he will be attending a worship: what translate to our 'alumni homecoming'. 

The ebony of the conversation proceeded to some breakfast, and then showing us in to the school.

Bago, Myanmar

having coffee with newfound friends

Ordered black coffee and served this; tastes good with the sour kick

It was an antique primary school, which woods would tell how long the institution has been around. The books around the rooms would tell too how many young minds it has molded through time.

Majority of the attendees were probably the teachers who have taught in the school along with their students who, as a matter of respect, attends this annual event to pay courtesy to their teachers.

As they do to every incoming guest, they asked us to squat and and followed through with a serving of coffee and bread. A little while later, we were asked to fix up our seating as the programme will start.

None of the words that came out was something to our understanding. I asked Htat once in a while as the speaker speaks, and it seems it was a sermon on to the wisdom on education.

I could see jherson falling to his drowsiness once in a while.

Then, we were asked to put our hands together and bow. We repeated whatever the speaker spoke (just like in a mass) and i felt awfully good that I could catch 100% of the lines.

After that, htat asked we leave. We were trying to catch the afternoon train back to Yangon, and we had to get on going for the Pagoda visit.

it is customary in Myanmar to take of shoes and sandals before entering any room

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