Monday, December 2, 2013

Ice cream meets Bicol

We just got back from our exploratory trip to La Manok island in Cawayan, Masbate (with a sidetrip to Buntod Reef Sanctuary in Masbate City) and my travel buds aren't due to go home to Manila til midnight.

It was about 6pm when we got off the jeep from Pilar Sorsogon.( If I may just mention, I was freezing from the jeep topload while the driver has forgotten that there was a passenger up there and he was running at, I'd bet, with humility and no exxageration, 80 kms/hr.)

Mayon volcano was on me the whole time of the trip. I regret i didn't do this on a daytime, all i have was a silhouette. Ten again, seeing such a huge perfect cone in itself us so refreshing, id ine in a while grt hit by some of the tree branches because im like dull struck at sight of mt mayon.

Meanwhile, in Daraga, Its a sunday and I noticed the facade of the daraga church was lit. I asked my buddies if they'd like to have a look.. Well, no plans really for the night so anything is just fine.

Beside the Daraga chuch is a restauant, and we attempted to order the sili oce cream. Unfortunately, they didn't have it available. We also tried Bigg's diner but they don't serve it. So, I asked around; we were pointed to 1st colonial grill in te town of Albay and an P8 jeep away.

When we opened the menu, other than sili, they also have other interesting flavors; they have malunggay, baileys, pili, calamansi, tinutong, and salabat. We were going to order one flavor each til we were told we can actually mix up in one P79-3 scoop order, so we tried all.

The chili don't taste anything different that the regular vanilla ice cream, except that once it gets to your throat, you'll begin to ask for water (and i remember that chili flavored chocolate bar too).

The salabat has that scratch too, but they top it with camote slices to ease the spice a bit.

The tinutong was great. Of all the flavors, i thought this flavor can be commercialized for mass and regular consumption. What I am trying to say is, the chili, salabat, malunggay, we're more of to put a twist, just for the sake of trying, but the tinutong had a similar taste as that of coffee crumble.

Other than the ice cream, we also ordered burger and pasta. The pasta's top garnish was sili (chili). The burger, on the other hand, has a dressing that's much like atsara.

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