Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gumasa Beach, Saranggani Province

Upon reaching Rosal resort in Gumasa (see here for how to reach Gumasa from Gensan Airport), we checked out the resorts rates; and looking at the situation at the beach, it does not seem like it's worthy to be spending all that (we've seen great pictures of gumasa beach, but as typhoon jolina has just passed by, it don't seem like we can get any close to those pictures). Meantime, i said better we catch some lunch first and wait til check in time (though it was my alternative to bluntly saying, it's a rip off right in the reception).

Looking at the vicinity too, there are a lot of spaces next to the resort to setup a camp. We walked away and I asked to group to wait as I look for better (cheaper) alternatives. 

I walked all the way back to the community til I reached a charcoal facility. I asked if we can just walk in to what seemed a restricted property, and the lady I asked said it's perfectly fine. 

Meantime, There were some men up in the coconut trees, and thinking that all they'll be needing are the husks, i thought about asking for fresh coconut juice. I called the group and the farmers dropped countless coconuts; Then again, we could only finish 4 each.

Coming all the way from manila, and I have not had any sleep yet, after some few pictures, we all fell to our subconscious. After around 2 hours, we woke up and went to our planned (turned crap) photo ops.

Although we planned on spending overnight in the beach, we thought it was enough that we've spent a few hours on it. I asked the group about what they thought, and gladly, they thought the same. 

This trip is part of my 13 day Southern Mindanao Trip. I posted a few details of my schedule and expenses here

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