Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baywalk Grill in Mati City

Coming from a frustrating 1 hour of endless paddling to here and to there trying to catch waves that won't fold, my hunger is making its sound as dodo, my usual habal driver steers in the highway to town from Amihan sa Dahican.

I asked dodo if he knows any good restaurant around for a snack; He spoke of Honey bee's kambing specialty.

I wasn't in the mood for a heavy meal though so I asked him for something else.. Somethig light. He stopped by a bakery.. Then again, this isn't the kind of light that would ease my intestine's tantrum.

I told him to drive to the baywalk for all sorts of streetfood around. There were some barbeque restaurants in the batwalk too and asked him what he'd prefer. And it's but normal and customary though to just say 'anything'.

Anyway, i thought I'd make a happier habal habal with a full meal so we dropped at Baywalk Grill... Seems newly opened.

I asked for how much the chicken breast is, and was told it's 60. Then I aske for liempo (half the length of that you'd normally get in wet markets, toughly 6 inch) and was told 40. Not so bad at all. 

The taste is great for the value of the price. Plus, the resto is just next to the park itself so environment is really light.

They also have stuffed bangus (milkfish) for just P80. The stuffed squid is P50 per piece.

Beer was also affordable at P25 as it was still their happy hour when we ordered.

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