Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to go to Cebu South Terminal without taking a Cab?

This is what I was told and did to get to Cebu South Terminal:

Walk to the Departure Terminal where you'll find the Multicabs (You may ask around where to find them). Pay P8 and ask to be dropped in "Simbahan" or Birhen sa Regala Church.

Birhen sa Regala Church in Cebu City

From the Simbahan, Walk towards the Pier and get your ticket. This gets you to Pier 3.

The Pier

Fare in Metro as of October 2012

Getting aboard the Metro ferry to Pier 3

From Pier 3, take 01C/1E jeep and this will get you to the South Terminal already... yay!!!!

Cebu South Terminal

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